The Oso Landslide, Washington State

Like many of you I have been following the news of the landslide that happened last month in Oso, Washington. The official death toll for this tragic event was raised this week to 39 and will probably crest over 40 as 4 persons are still listed as missing.

For a little perspective on the event I am linking to a video in which Geologist Dr. Daniel J. Miller explains how it has been known for some time that the area has been prone to mudslides. In 1999 Dr. Miller reported to the Army Corps of Engineers that there was “the potential for a large catastrophic failure”.

For more information on the here is a New York Times peace on the subject.

I would also like to draw your attention to this Seattle Times article by Geologist David Montgomery. It touches on the importance of having a good understanding of potential geological hazards and the need to make a review existing landslide hazard zones.


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I've always marveled at the beauty of creation and that's a big part of why I became a Geologist. I want to use my background and experience in mineral exploration and environmental monitoring to help clients and municipalities find collaborative solutions to environmental problems. With honest and accurate assessments I believe that we can find ways to utilize and develop the Earth's natural resources in ways productive, profitable, and responsible.
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