Free Education: The You Tube Lecture

I initially constructed this blog as part of Social Media for Business class taught by Bret Simmons. I and the other students taking the class were members of ProNet in Reno NV. So I’m not yet quite sure what direction this blog is going to go in but I thought I should show that I am trying to practice what I have been preaching in my first three posts.

Here is the lecture series that I just started watching online.
Engineering Geology And Geotechnics – Lecture 1
Most of you, who are not geologists or civil engineers may be thoroughly bored by a two hour discussion of soil and rock mechanics. But I’m enjoying it!

You won’t get any collage credit or certification from watching a free lecture on Youtube. But it’s still free education and not a resource you should overlook when you want to learn something new.


About zacharyjjarvie

I've always marveled at the beauty of creation and that's a big part of why I became a Geologist. I want to use my background and experience in mineral exploration and environmental monitoring to help clients and municipalities find collaborative solutions to environmental problems. With honest and accurate assessments I believe that we can find ways to utilize and develop the Earth's natural resources in ways productive, profitable, and responsible.
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